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    Welcome everyone !

    On this website, you'll see all kinds of Animal Crossing New Leaf QR Codes. All of them are made by me, except when specified. If you want to use them, you can, by just scanning it into your game. Please don't claim that you made them. 

    Links to the different categories: 

    Some of them are original patterns, others are made based on already existing things, such as PriPara or Kiratto Pri☆Chan outfits. In that case, it means I didn't design the outfit but only made it into an ACNL pattern, so the design credits go to their rightful owners. 

    The pictures where my character is wearing the outfits are just here to show how it looks in-game, but the picture quality being bad, it doesn't represent what you'll see when the code is scanned. 

    You can request a pattern right here, but don't forget to be polite. 

    New patterns will be added when I make them, so don't forget to check regularly !


    (If you want to get one of my pattern's .acnl file, please DM me and tell me what's the reason you want it.)